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"In responsibleness lies the very essence of human existence." Victor E. Frankl


Go Responsible Investments has the mission to “do good while doing well”. Through well-considered, selective investments and pro-active, hands-on follow-up we aim to bring value to our investors, our investees and the ultimate recipients of our investees’ products and services. 


We envision a society in which companies, as well as organizations, aim for “blended value” (Jed Emerson, Harvard Business Review, 2000) – where social, environmental and financial returns go hand in hand.


The value we aim to build with our investment portfolio is positive social and/or environmental impact, combined with generating financial returns. We believe that the working methods and efficacy instilled by for-profit discipline are equally suitable to bring focus and achievement of goals in a not-(only)-for-profit environment. Inversely, the idealism and ethical awareness frequently encountered in not-for-profit environments may impose the self-checks that are crucial to developing activities that are sustainable. Combining “the best of both worlds” in our view provides the optimum conditions to create true “blended value”.  

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